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Google Search
Help shape the future of information

Try experimental & AI-powered ways to explore information right in Google Search.

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Google Photos
Magic Editor

Reimagine your photos Make complex edits without pro-level skills with Magic Editor in Google Photos.

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Script Editor
Google Home
Help Me Script

Use natural language and generative AI to create automation scripts for your home. With help me script, simply describe what you want. Like, "When the TV turns on after sunset, dim the living room lights and close the blinds" It’s that easy.

Available as a limited-time experimental feature in Public Preview on Google Home for web.

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Project IDX logo and illustration
Project IDX
Develop quickly, from anywhere

Project IDX is an experimental new AI-enhanced initiative aimed at bringing your entire full-stack, multiplatform app development workflow to the cloud.

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Two conversations in Google Messages using Magic Compose
Express yourself with AI-powered Magic Compose

Asking for a second date? Telling a joke? Get help with what to say in just the right vibe before you send.

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Google Workspace
Unlock new ways of working with AI

Connect, create, and collaborate like never before with new generative AI experiences in Google Workspace.

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Supercharge learning & ideation with AI

An AI-first notebook, grounded in the information you choose and trust.

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Use AI to turn your words into music

Describe a musical idea and hear it come to life.

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Human Imagination x Artificial Intelligence
Composer and musician Dan Deacon creates a live performance for the 2023 Google I/O preshow experimenting with generative AI tools MusicLM, Bard, and Phenaki.
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MIT Visiting Scholar and GRAMMY® Award-winning artist, Lupe Fiasco, experiments with our latest large language model PaLM 2 and MakerSuite to build AI tools for writers, rappers and wordsmiths.
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Students from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology are experimenting with AI to make learning sign language easier, especially for new parents of deaf children.
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